Page 85/365 : If you smellllll what the Bookie Is Cookin’…

Interesting today that I noticed this : – Official betting on Wrestlemania in a couple of weeks.

Euan, Lawlor and I were looking at them and picked out a few beta before I commented on the fact that if we knew someone inside the WWE who knew the results, we could clean up on this. After all, it’s all pre-determined. It would be like betting on whether Tyrone gets sent down or not on Corrie after the script has been written!

But then Lawlor made a very good and valid point. What if the betting sites waited until closer to the time and then informed the WWE where the money was and basically paid off the WWE to change anything they had planned in order to maximise their profits.

Obviously this would only work if it benefitted the betting company, but could it happen? Would it happen?

And would Paddy Power take a £100k bet on, say The Rock to beat Cena at 7-1 when the person placing the bet could have insider knowledge? It would be like placing a bet on a boxer you knew would be taking a dive!

As Lawlor said…food for thought…

In other news

15.5 working days left before wedding/honeymoon

Found out today that if you have a gift card for Game, bearing in mind you can’t use it online, you can go into a Game Shop and they will let you make a purchase online and take payment from your gift card…gonna do it tomorrow and buy Dead Island for £11 brand new!

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