Page 84/365 : Paying respects

Had half day at work today as it was the funeral of Frank Brining.

Frank was the dad of some of our close friends and an all round top bloke. I had only known him these last three years after Elle and I got together but from the very first time I met him I got along with him fantastically.

He was kind and friendly and always the life and soul of a party, loving a good drink and a good gamble on the Bandits. I even think he was shining down on us all today as the bandit in the pub at the wake was dropping! I took £65 out of it!

A genuine and family-orientated guy, Frank’s memory will live on through His wife and his Sons Matt & Dave.

He’ll be sadly missed by all, and the turn out at the funeral just went to show how much people thought of him.

I would like to think that my Grandad, also called Frank, is now sat having a beer with him, looking down on us all and smiling.

Rest in peace Frank


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