Page 81/365 : The One Direction Shop? WTF?

The snow really fell today. We’re meant to be in Spring now…madness.

Speaking of madness, yesterday the brand new Trinity Shopping Centre opened in Leeds City Centre and I was lucky enough to…well…not be there. It’s a frigging shopping centre. What can possibly be exciting about a 3-storey Next? Or a new Habitat? I’ve seen the photos of the opening and there were thousands there…just why?

Oh and this is the best bit…for three weeks, in the Trinity Shopping Centre in Leeds, there is a shop called 1D World. Yup, an entire shop dedicated to One Direction!!! Seriously! Does any city in the world really need a dedicated shop to a single band? I think not. There’s even been a press release put out telling people not to queue up before 6am as they will be made to join the back of the queue…! Jesus!

What can a One Direction shop possibly have in it? A Hate Corner with photos of Taylor Swift and anyone else that any member of the group have been seen kissing, where girls can Cyber-Tweet hate messages in an attempt to eradicate them from Twitter forever? Will there be a Love Room where doting fans can go and listen to the most romantic of 1D songs, whilst superimposing their pictures into situations such as walking down the aisle with their chosen One Directioner?

Seriously. This is messed up.

In fact, fuck it!

I say we open a Chesney Hawkes shop! In Leeds! There ain’t any others around the country, it would definitely be The One & Only (see what I did there…and for the record, that song is my favourite song of all time!)

Anyway…rant over, bring on the 1D fan-hate!

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2 Responses to Page 81/365 : The One Direction Shop? WTF?

  1. Laura Woollin says:

    You should like 1D…you do like cheese afterall. btw your camera went to the concert last week

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