Page 80/365 : Parking Tickets

How annoying.

Got home tonight to be greeted by a parking ticket for parking at the Cinema in Wakefield for too long. Yup, £75 fine increased to £95 if not paid.

I Googled the company though and they are dodgy as hell, much like the previous two “parking tickets” that I received and ignored.

Only council ones can be enforced, Private companies never go anywhere but rely on people accepting and paying them.

Money Saving Expert has extensive forums on the situation. The last two I got, I just ignored. And also ignored the letters that came through demanding payment. And the letters threatening court action…and then…nothing! The letters just stopped because the company NEVER enforce them. It would cost them too much to do so.

I’m gonna ignore this one too and wipe my arse on any paperwork that comes through. Let them waste money chasing. It’s not getting paid and its not getting enforced.

I will update when the inevitable next letter comes through saying the fine will be increased to something like £150…

Still no letter from the Queen.

Oh, and I really need to get my hair cut. It’s out of control. I wanna go to my regular barbers but now everyone seems to be telling me my hair looks shit so I will probably end up going elsewhere when it comes time for it to be chopped off.

30 days until the wedding!

Got a Tweet off Ben Shephard today too, which was nice :


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