Page 82/365 : “Friends, Snowmen and Cancellations, lend me your suits”

The snow really came down overnight.

So much so, the booking we had made for the Suit fitting for me and the groomsmen was a bit of a struggle so we’ve cancelled until next week. It was better all around as it was treacherous and too much of a risk asking everyone to get there. Should be OK for next week though…unless this snow is staying around for a while…

Took Elle’s engagement ring in to be resized ready for the wedding. I think she’s a little upset at not having it on…bless! I “re-proposed” to her using another ring as a temporary replacement. Hehe.

Played some more LA Noire today…soooooo close to the end.

Jess n Dave came around tonight for tea and a catchup. We had a good laugh. Elle whipping up a cracking Lasagne and the little mini roasties that I love…mmmmmmmmm. Got some Jamaican Ginger cake too in homage to Dave…he’s ginger ya see…!

Had to laugh watching Ant n Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway tonight. They had some of the reformed groups on from The Big Reunion. As they performed, the finished and then Ant and Dec came out as PJ and Duncan and did the full “Lets Get Ready To Rhumble” routine. Brilliant! It’s one of my favourite cheesy songs of all time…close behind my favourite…Chesney Hawkes’ One and Only!

Watched Short Circuit on TV this evening followed by The Proposal.

Did my ESTA application online tonight for the Honeymoon. Accepted first time, which is cracking. The last time I did one it messed up and I was left waiting to see if it would go through…just Elle’s to do now…but can’t do that until the night before the wedding, as it moves to after Midnight the night before…!

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3 Responses to Page 82/365 : “Friends, Snowmen and Cancellations, lend me your suits”

  1. julie wraith says:

    LOVE THESE BLOGS DAVE LOL…….. not long now … miss you Mondays we go to the earlier groop… Giveb my love to Elle xxxx

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