Page 79/365 : Burn, Follow, Foam

Fairly standard day today. Not much to talk about and not enough time to put together my TV Time #2 blog. Haha.

Had a laugh with people at work about the video posted from last night’s blog.

After work, went over to Amy’s with Elle for tea. Ha a bit of a catchup before home for TV catchup on Coronation Street (to see the fire), The Following (to see someone get speared in a cafe) and CSI (to see a foam party go wrong).

Had a bit of a wedding fuck up tonight too. One of the companies we had booked for the wedding phoned us around 8pm to say they were at the venue and they thought the weddin was called off…we had to tell ten they had their dates wrong and it was April 20th and not March 20th.

Apparently, we’d booked April, but when they wrote it up on the invoice it said March, we signed it without realising and now it had all been booked for tonight. OOPS!

Sorted it now though thankfully. Haha.

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