Page 78/365 – TV Time #1 : Celebrity Big Brother’s E-Fourum

It’s a “Slow News Day” so here’s the first part of my “TV Appearance Story”

The start of my step into the world of TV participation began back on 7th January 2005.

I am a big Big Brother fan, and when I saw on a listing online that the E4 channel were looking for people to take part in “Celebrity Big Brother’s E-Fourum, I applied, not really knowing much about what was going on. I received a call and an invitation to go to Bristol to film the show. There was no guarantee of any air time or anything at all.

The night before, I wasn’t going to go. It was set to be a £75 round trip on the train, and just after Christmas it was £75 that I just didn’t have. But our Louise thought it would be hilarious if I went on. So she agreed to pay for my train for me.

So the next day, I set off down to Bristol. After arriving at Temple Meads, I jumped in a taxi, not really knowing where I was meant to be going (Hey, this was well before Apple Maps would have led me to the completely wrong place anyway). It turned out that coming out of Temple Meads, turning right and venturing about 500 yards down the road would be enough to get me to the Paintworks, a shoddy-looking industrial estate of such, with a book barn, an attempt at a bar, and some random shack-like buildings.

I met up with everyone else who was taking part in the show.

We all went through security and into a big room where we met with some of the producers of the show. Now, Celeb Big Brother had only just stated that previous night, and naturally I had watched the Opening show, knowing I was going to have to know something about the people in there. The housemates were ; Bez, Brigitte Nielsen, Caprice, Germaine Greer, Jackie Stallone, Jeremy Edwards, John McCririck, Kenzie from Blazing Squad & Lisa L’Anson…in all honesty, I knew about 4 of them…and had actually met Caprice on a previous occassion (I got a kiss on the cheek from her…amazing!)

So, we were all in this room, talking about the characters and what we thought would happen and the overwhelming thought was that Brigitte Neilsen would basically hop into bed with Kenzie and eat the young kid alive. We were nearing the end of the session and I hadn’t said much, so I stuck up my hand, somewhat reluctantly and said that I thought the opposite, that she would end up Mothering him. The producer said “That’s great, you can say that on the show…”

I was stunned…I was going to actually say something, on Live TV…

We went down to the studio. The show was set to be a live broadcast so we were on tight deadlines. We went in and I was surprised how small the set was. There were three rows of benches for us commoners to sit on, and a desk at the front for the guests and the host to be around. I was ushered into a Spot and told I would say my segment near the end of the show. The guests on the show were Jeff Brazier, Emma Kennedy and some guy who was an expert on all things Big Brother!

So…out comes Russell Brand, who back then wasn’t known to be the womanising, celebrity bed-hopping guy he’s known as today.

What happened next was that throughout the show, I was nervous as hell. Then it gets to the segment I know I am after. Russell is stood in front of me and needs somewhere to sit, except there is nowhere to sit for our segment…what to do…what to do…so he asks if he can sit on my knee…and you know those moments where you think you should say No, but you actually say Yes? It was one of those moments…the TV cameras come back on…and it’s time…

Fast forward this video to 20:16 and see just what happened…

Yup…I was on TV, with Russell Brand sat on my knee, arguing with Jeff Brazier before Brand kissed me on the cheek.

As you can imagine, I received PLENTY of texts from friends who were calling me all sorts of names afterwards, but I didn’t care…I’d been on TV…I’d said something…and I had absolutely loved it. The rush was great, it was fun, it felt right and it was a good laugh. Even better was that I actually won tickets to the final for having the best comment of the night, but couldn’t go. Gutted.

But that was it…I wanted more…I wanted to be on TV and experience other things…I would have to get looking online for other things that wanted people…

…To Be Continued…

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2 Responses to Page 78/365 – TV Time #1 : Celebrity Big Brother’s E-Fourum

  1. Louise says:

    So I’m to blame for the start of it all?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I think you still owe me that £75

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