Page 77/365 : Letter and Farewell Rovers

Today I dug out the good paper at work and did my letter to the Queen as promised. In it I put that I had written twenty years before and still have and cherish the letter I received back. Also that I loved last night’s documentary and the insight into her life in 2012. I also commended her on the length of marriage to the Duke and that I only hope Elle and I have an equally fantastic marriage.

I even went online to find out the formal way to address the letter and how to finish it off. It starts with Dear Madam and ends with “‘I have the honour to be, Madam, Your Majesty’s humble and obedient servant” which I put also.

And here’s the finished letter all ready to be sent :


It went out in tonight’s post so fingers crossed for a reply…watch this space.

Slimming World tonight, and after last week’s massive gain, the 12.5lb over the three weeks, I knew I had been relatively good this week and it showed on the scales with a cool 6.5lb loss. I have said I am going to aim for 7 next week…fingers crosse people!

Tonight, TV witnessed the death of a legend…The Rovers Return burnt down in Coronation Street. An absolute legend in TV history, set ablaze by the dastardly Carl, whilst Stella bathed upstairs and Sunita lay dying in the smoke. Meanwhile, as all this was going on, most of the male cast were stripping in the Bistro, just another normal day on the cobbles.

One thing I was very disappointed with though was he fact that the episode didn’t have Stalwart Ken Barlow in it. This was very much a surprise as he is the longest serving member of the cast and I would’ve thought he would’ve been there for the demise of his favourite local! There must’ve been a reason he wasn’t.

Will Sunita die? Will Stella bite the dust? We’ll have to tune in on Wednesday to find out! Damn TV people leaving everything on a cliffhanger…!

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