Page 74/365 : Comic Relief

Well today was Comic Relief day and as such it was dress down day at work. As I literally have no shame, I wore this into the office :


Just a shame it didn’t have a cape really…!

Was a good laugh being in work dressed up…although going to the toilet was fun…

Loads of buns and cakes were on sale too so naturally I had to have a couple.

Tonight Elle was working on the phones at First Direct, taking some Comic Relief calls. I managed to get a good few hours in on LA Noire on the Xbox. Not played it for a while but really wanna get to the end of it so I can justify buying Tomb Raider.

Watched some of Comic Relief too. I have to say, I recorded it all and watched all the funny bits and fast forwarded all the stories of the children. It’s not that I don’t care, but I have given my charity money over earlier today in the cake sale so the videos won’t be enticing me into anything else.

The comedy was fun though. Particular highlights were Simon Cowell’s wedding, Rowan Atkinson’s highly inappropriate section and the Masterchef.

Found out today that on Sunday there’s a documentary on about The Queen. It was over 20 years since the last one was on, and when it was (and I was 11) I wrote a letter to Buckingham Palace to tell The Queen how much I enjoyed it. I got a letter back from the Palace from one of the ladies in waiting. I am going to hand-write another letter on Sunday and send it and see if I can get another one. Hehe.

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