Page 73/375 : Steak and…erm…Cheap Ticket Day

Still proper sticking to the diet. Had an amazing Chilli for tea because we had no Steak in…BOOOOOO! The chilli was one of the best ever though!

Ticket prices released today for early renewals for next season and they’ve dropped the prices, which is really good for everyone and I think will go down really well amongst fans. I can’t remember them dropping that much in a long time!

Decided to finally break in the Baseball Glove I had bought tonight. Vaseline’d it all up and it’s now currently sat downstairs tied up in an attempt to form the pocket. Going to have to give it some hammer over the next few weeks to get it worn in if I am going to have any chance of using it effectively to catch a foul ball at the Dodgers game.

Finally caught up fully with The Following and I am seriously loving it.

Looking forward to a good few hours on the Xbox tomorrow night whilst Elle is doing her Charity thing at work for Comic Relief. I will probably Sky+ the Comic Relief show so I can fast forward all the son stories and just watch the Newsreaders dancing to something silly dressed in something equally absurd. Ah, good old Comic Relief…!

Latest world news was that a new Pope was elected, sworn in, chosen. Firstly he looks like Jim Bowen of Bullseye fame, and secondly, when it was said that he was from Buenos Aires, my very first thought was “oh, I wonder if he’s been around the Total Wipeout course…?”


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1 Response to Page 73/375 : Steak and…erm…Cheap Ticket Day

  1. J-Dub says:

    Actually, the new pope looks more like Yogi Berra…

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