Page 72/365 : Bagged a bag

Had a nice little surprise tonight when checking emails to find out I had won a prize on the Coke Zone points competitions…for a split second I got rather giddy at the prospect of a complete home entertainment system or indeed a games console…then I found out I had won this :


A fucking bag!

Ah well, waste not, want not! I think it goes with my eyes to be fair…

Realised today that people are actually reading my blog…when the hell did that happen…and more importantly…why? I reckon most of this garbage is pretty mundane but if you like it, why the hell not…in fact, I might even give you all a bit of a treat in the coming weeks when I do a few blogs about the different TV shows I have appeared on over the years and talk about the fun things that went on whilst filming…or maybe not…What do you think? Would anyone care about what went on in the Hotel whilst filming Deal Or No Deal? Would anyone be bothered about how Dick N Dom were when filming Are You Smarter Than A Ten Year Old? Does anyone truly give a shit about how I felt like I was going to die whilst throwing myself around the Total Wipeout course in Argentina? Leave a comment below and let me know.

So I caught up with a few programmes too tonight.

Finally got to the end of Monday Night Raw. I thought the show on a whole was fantastic and it included a lovely tribute to Paul Bearer, which I am not ashamed to admit, had me in tears. They also played up CM Punk’s Heel role massively which works really well for his character.

One thing I was disappointed about though was the amount of Movie trailers there were in the show…at some points it actually felt like an entire showreel of all the upcoming films which have the slightest glimpse of a WWE Superstar in it…diid they promote the films as much back in the day of Hulk Hogan? I can’t remember.

Also finally got to the end of Sunday night’s Baseball game with USA Vs Canada. It was a cracking ball game to be fair and could have gone either way We really need to get into the game before we go to America on Honeymoon and see the Dodgers.

Amy & Tom came around tonight and Elle cooked Lasagne and wedges for tea…which seemed to take forever to be ready…we were all literally wasting away…but we got fed in the end and all was right in the world.

Attempted some more of my White House jigsaw…realised it was too hard…stopped after about 5 minutes.

So, seeing as people are reading this, feel free to leave comments and say Hi…and if you’re really that interested, follow me on Twitter @FameAsser

Speak tomorrow!

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