Page 67/365 : Wedding #2 in two weeks

So here we are…the second wedding in two weeks and this time it was ready for Katy Allen and Martin McKinney. Got up nice and early and got ready for the long day ahead.

Suited and booted it was time to go :


We headed over to St Peters in Alnwick for the ceremony. Now, I am not a big fan of church ceremonies. I have nothing really against them, and I am not saying I don’t partly believe in some kind of higher power, and respect all beliefs and all that… It the Wedding Ceremony was absolutely fantastic. The Deacon who was conducting the service had some really nice words to say to the couple who were looking fantastic too.

After the ceremony we jumped in the car and headed back to Newton Hall. The building was so beautiful. It was very stylish and well worthy of a nice wedding. Then came the food…and oh my it was amazing. The start was a nice feta cheese & olive salad. It was beautiful…and Kay didn’t like it so I had two! Amazing!

Next up, we had a sorbet between courses which was a nice palate cleanser and very refreshing.

Then the main…we all got very excited when we saw Yorkshire Puddings! We may be up in Geordie-ville, but the puddings have to be Yorkshire! The main was a lovely Pork dinner that was lush…and then…it was Creme Brûlée time…

…now as people know, I am a big lad and I do love my food…and I am always up for a challenge…and that is what sparked what happened next. I had my Brûlée. I had half of Kay’s brûlée. I had someone else’s brûlée, I had the leftovers of someone else’s brûlée, Kay went to e top table, took Kinnie’s Mum’s Brûlée and brought it back…in the end I had around 12 Brûlée bowls in front of me…prompting people knowing me as Brûlée Man!

There was a Table-Naming competition and I came up with “Forget the Geordie Shore, Pet, it’s all about the Morley Shore, Ey-up” and we won the best table name! Woohoo! Another bottle of White wine and a bottle of Prosecco. The win was certainly flowing on our table.

The night Do was awesome too. I cut a deal with the bar manager. Jaeger bombs were meant to be £3.95 each but I cut a “Three for a tenner” deal which was well worth it!

They had a Kaylee, a traditional form of dancing which was being led by the band. Elle and I attempted to do it but we kept falling over ourselves and made the decision there and then that we need to learn to dance for our wedding.

Got a lift back to the cottages. I was proper hanging after the long day. Went to bed. Later when everyone else turned up, Luke came in and jumped on me…the bed broke! Oops!

6 weeks and 1 day to go until ours.

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