Page 68/365 : Beach bound

Got up fairly early considering the amount we drank last night. Everyone was hanging though, apart from me who just doesn’t do hangovers!

Moped around in he cottages for a while before deciding that it would be “fun” to go down to the beach. This was when I remembered that my coat had been left in Kay and Rob’s room at the venue last night…uh oh!

So vein the epitome of style and cool, I went down to the beach wearing my Work Shoes (Elle was wearing my trainers), jeans, two t-shirts and my suit jacket from last night. I looked like a right bell end.

On the way down to the beach, I even introduced everyone to the weird and wonderful world of Geocaching, collecting one that was really close to the cottages.

The sea was whipped up massively as we clambered over the dunes and down onto the beach. It was also very windy and we ended up quite windswept :


We did the obligatory stone skimming and writing things in the sand before heading back :


We all decided that as most people were feeling rough and we were all massively skint, we weren’t going to stop for the extra night tonight an get off home instead. Met back up with the McKinneys at The Joiners Arms for a quick stop before easing back.

Was following the progress of the Leeds game too and genuinely thought we were going to win but we threw the match away again like we always tend to do. We could have really been in the playoff mix if we hadn’t messed up and thrown points away in a few of the games this season!

Played a bit of TV catchup tonight too whilst chilling.

Looking forward to going up to Morley tomorrow for Mother’s Day to see my mum.

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