Page 26/365 : Blood Brothers

Had a good sleep in this morning after staying up late watching the neighbours build snowmen at 1am!

The snow was hugely thick this morning. We watched Pitch Perfect on the iPad ( see review ) in bed before getting up and heading out into the winter wonderland that was Beeston.

Elle needed to sort her Passport out but it wouldn’t be accepted on the Check n Send because her appearance had changed somewhat. Looks like we’ll have to sort next week.

Did the weekly shop before catching up on some more Prison Break…then it was time to head out.

Nipped in to see Elle’s Dad to drop in his birthday present on the way to Sheffield. We went to Aagrah for a curry before heading to the Lyceum Theatre to see Blood Brothers. What a fantastic show. We had never seen it before so went into it not actually knowing much about it.

Marti Pellow played the Narrator, but unfortunately sometimes it was really difficult to make out what he was singing, which kinda took away a little bit of the theatrics of it all. It was the only problem though.

Maureen Nolan played Mrs Johnstone brilliantly and was spot on. The guys playing the two brothers were fantastic too.

If you haven’t seen the show, go check it out. It’s brilliant. The synopsis is simple, two brothers, twins, are sent their separate ways by a broke mother who cannot afford another two additions to her family. One boy is brought up in amongst a rich family and another in his original home, struggling to make ends meet. As their lives entwine and cross numerous times, can they live a normal life or will it only lead to tragic circumstances.


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1 Response to Page 26/365 : Blood Brothers

  1. thomasjpitts says:

    So glad you enjoyed Blood Brothers. Told you it was wonderful!

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