Page 27/365 : Let’s get ready to rumble!!!!!

It’s that time of year again. The one night of the year when everything changes. It’s Royal Rumble time.

I even had a tweet off Wade Barrett about it :


The following contains spoilers :

The road to Wrestlemania begins as it always does at the Rumble. It’s the one night where the path is laid out to the grand-daddy of them all. In years past, having tickets to Mania 24, 25 and 27, it’s the perfect opportunity to see how the event you’re planning on spending a lot of money to see is going to pan out.

We were treated to a pre-show match where Antonio Cesaro beat The Miz to retain the US Title…The Miz did almost break his leg mid-match though…then the show began and the texting between myself, Lawlor & Crooksy began…Crooksy not as often as myself and Lawlor mind you, but still….

Elle went to sleep.

First match up was the Last Man Standing match for the World Heavyweight Title. Alberto Del Rio vs Big Show and inevitably, there was some carnage. The highlight of the match was when Show dragged Del Rio up onto part of the staging and slammed him through a table. Del Rio did pick up the win however to retain.

Team Hell No vs Team Rhodes Scholars were next up. I had predicted a split in the Hell No camp…but it never happened and they picked up a win to retain.

Next up, to the surprise of many was the Rumble match. Many, including myself believe that the Rumble match should always be the main event. It would be like having the Elimination Chamber event and sticking a Divas match at the top spot!

The main surprises in the Rumble match were the returns of Chris Jericho, Golddust, The Godfather, Rey, Mysterio and Sin Cara. Jericho came back in at Number 2 and it was great to see him back.


In the end it came down to John Cena and Ryback but Cena picked up the win, catapulting him to the main event of Wrestlemania…cue obligatory pointing at and posing with the WM29 sign…!


And then came the main event.

Elle woke up.

The Rock vs Champion Punk. The match was relatively poor for a main event and after Punk won following a Shield interference, Vince was about to strip Punk of the title and Rock said no, then the match restarted and Rock won! Joy!

Thought the event on a whole was nothing more than a 6/10.

In other news…Leeds beat Tottenham to progress to the 5th round of the FA cup! It was a great game at Elland Road despite getting stuck in the car park for ages after. Two great goals from Varney and McCormack won the game. Final score was 2-1. The real star of the game for me though was Sam Byram who put in a top notch effort to keep Bale at bay.

We’ve now got a trip to Man City in the offering! Should be fun!

Realised that the tickets we booked for The Full Monty on May 18th is the same night as the Eurovision Song Contest….that’ll be getting cancelled then! Checked on the Leeds Grand website and you can exchange for other performances so that’s OK. Phew! Can’t miss the Eurovision.

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