Film review : Pitch Perfect


A few years ago, a TV show entered our lives that would change the world. That show was Glee, with it’s funky geekdom of song and quirkiness, Glee inspired tonnes of people that show choir is cool again.

The Glee influence had brought back an era of musical TV and film which uses the fun pop element and twists it classically and creates a whole new genre. And it’s into this genre that Pitch Perfect sits.

Part Romance and part Gleekdom, Pitch Perfect takes the age old story of new girl at school (Anna Kendrick) falling for cute guy with aspirations (Skylar Astin) and through various trials and tribulations (being on opposite singing teams in this case) brings them closer together.

The story is a simple one but used well in a blend of the touching Teenage get-together movie style we are so used to seeing and this new found love for all things musical-mash-up.

Kendrick’s character joins the Bellas, a down-on-their-luck all female acapella show choir who desperately need to audition for newbies as the previous ones have graduated. Naturally along comes a whole host of social misfits including a whispering girl and Fat Amy played by Rebel Wilson. And it’s here that the film finds its comedic outlet, mainly through plenty of fat jokes.

The problem with this film was that unfortunately, most of the actual funny bits were in the trailer, so if you have seen that, then you’re not going to be treated to much more comedy.

The songs and the set pieces, such as the riff-off are inspired and work really well with a really good mix of tunes that you will recognise instantly.

In summary, a fine film with some nice performances, but it did just feel like an extended episode of Glee.

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3 Responses to Film review : Pitch Perfect

  1. fbowman says:

    I disagree! Pitch Perfect will have you laughing every time you watch it. Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy just kills you with her hilarious jokes. Anna Kendrick and Britney Snow show their talented singing to the world with their acapella group in the movie. Its a classic love story that is no where near Glee. This is not an extended episode of Glee because Glee is not funny, its stupid with random story lines and the show is plummeting down the drain. People may have been obsessed with it during it first season but now it Sucks!. So Pitch Perfect is nothing like Glee; it’s a hilarious comedy love story that will be stuck in your head for days. It’s Aca-Hilarious!!!!!

    • I do agree that the film was funny in places with the main focus of that coming from Fat Amy, but my point was that most of her comedy lines were in the Theatrical Trailer for the film, and having watched that a couple of times, they do lose their impact somewhat.

      Aside from Fat Amy, there wasn’t many other comedy moments, apart from the commentators at the events. I did enjoy the film as a whole, I just thought it promised a lot more in terms of funny and didn’t deliver as much as I would have hoped.

      The musical numbers were absolutely spot on and credit to all the actors who nailed their performances.

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