Page 9/365 : Caches approved & iPod swimming

Got the email through for the approval of the Geocaches in Middleton Park today after speaking to Graeme at Leeds City Council. He’s the estate officer for Middleton Park. Resubmitted the two Geocaches and now just waiting on the reviewer going through and checking it off and everything is live and we will have three active Geocaches. Good times indeed.

Finally got to the swimming baths this evening. Went over to Rothwell, armed with our iPods inside the iSwim, the waterproof case we bought earlier in the week. All was going well until about 20 lengths in when the iPod broke as it was swimming in water inside the case. Typical! When Elle got out, she also had water in her case but it wasn’t broken.


Did 34 lengths. Would’ve liked to have done more but we need to build it up gradually. It’s over half a mile so will settle for that!

I moved to within one of Elle on the 24 “guess the time” game. Now losing 8-7. Plenty of episodes to go though still.

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2 Responses to Page 9/365 : Caches approved & iPod swimming

  1. Elle Davies soon to be Woollin says:

    In other news:
    Materials for favours ordered
    Made a start of planning/decorating sweetie buffet
    Ordered purple glitter spray paint 🙂

    Had a cookathon on my afternoon off so will be ok for healthy meals for the rest of the week

    No progress on the jigsaw 😦

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