Page 8/365 : The Rock(s)

Tonight we picked up the wedding rings from H Samuel at the White Rose. They were spot on and fitted perfectly. Not long now until the big day.

Paid money over for the Stag Do for three of the lads.

Watched Raw from last night and loved it. CM Punk cut a cracking promo after winning a TLC match, flapping his gums about respect and performing and the puppetry the WWE has over its fans…then The Rock came out and they had a good session of back and forth. It was really entertaining. Should be a good lead up to Royal Rumble (if The Rock sticks around…). It’s funny because Elle really hates him and how he speaks about himself in the third person!

Dave Woollin watched some more 24 tonight, pulling back the “Guess The Time” game to 8-6 to his Fiancée. Dave Woollin is going to step up the game. Dave Woollin cannot lose!!!

Having a bit of a weight loss competition in work. Dave Woollin must strive to be the best! Dave Woollin must lose more than everyone else.

Geocache Update : Miggy Park #1 and #2 are a step closer to being active after I acquired the email address of the person who administers the Park and would be able to give me an answer on whether I would be allowed to “place” my caches (heehee!). I was passed the details by someone at the Friends Of Middleton Park website…so fingers crossed I can get the permission and activate the Caches!

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2 Responses to Page 8/365 : The Rock(s)

  1. Elle Davies soon to be Woollin says:

    Well today was a goooooooood day.

    I loves loves loves our wedding rings!!!

    Randomly bought a swimming cap today to protect my locks for our newly formed Wednesday night swim club!!!

    Bought a little case for my forthcoming trip to Belfast.

    Had my first work day salad of the new year.

    All in all a fantastic day!!!


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