Page 10/365 : The Wrong Hoodie, Root Beer & 99 to go

Picked up a couple of parcels tonight. The first was one containing 12 cans of root beer, JR’s Chipolte Ketchup & Mustard and a couple of Reese’s Fast Bars all from American Soda. Cracking lineup of good. Had a sample of each with tea tonight.


The second parcel was my Coca Cola hoodie that I had ordered from Asda. I picked it up from Morley’s Asda. Opening it when I got home I soon realised…this ain’t Coca Fucking Cola??? Looks like a trip back to Asda needed! Ridiculous!


One of our Geocaches got its first log today, yay! But it was someone nearby who was saying that they were working away and would normally have picked it up but couldn’t. Great!

Gave some blood for tests this morning. The nurse was lovely. She gave me a sign up to the Bodyline card for £5 for three months…not bad at all! Gonna deffo be using that. Apparently my ECG was all fine and there’s nothing wrong. At least I know.

99 days to go until the wedding.

Everyone apart from Dale and my Dad now paid up on the Stag. Messages everyone about the coach too. It’ll soon be here!

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