Page 5/365 – Wedding money paid & CITV goes Retro

Busy busy day.

Firstly, lets focus on CITV’s retro day…where for one weekend, the CITV channel was showing old TV shows that we used to love, such as Knightmare, Fun House, Art Attack, Wizadora and Woof! Wow! This brought back some awesome memories of running in home after school and putting ITV straight on and just not moving until they had all finished. Knightmare was always my favourite. The episode they decided to put on last night had a cocky kid called Barry in the dungeon…and he was a rather annoying little fuck, always gobbing off without his advisors telling him to do so….I preferred it when the advisors were thick and told the dungeoneer to do something wrong and sent them down a pit filled with spikes or stakes!

Lots of wedding planning went down today too…first we went to the venue to finalise all the plans for the day and sort out the running order of everything and sort out how the afternoon tea would be presented. That was all good fun.

Then it was to the White Rose Centre to pay off the balance of the Honeymoon…taking a nice hit to the bank account to the tune of almost £2k. But at least all the Honeymoon is now sorted and paid for…just gotta find the spending money from somewhere.

Also booked our Elvis wedding renewal at Graceland chapel in Las Vegas. We’re going to be getting it on DVD so we’ll be able to show people. It should be good fun.

Bought some T-Shirts online for honeymoon too…all geeky ones with crap slogans…but I like them so they’ll be good. Also bought one for when I go on the Zombie Run in Manchester later in the year :


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1 Response to Page 5/365 – Wedding money paid & CITV goes Retro

  1. Elle Davies soon to be Woollin says:

    Twas a very busy day – ending in a migraine for me 😦

    Wedding plans coming along nicely and in other news also got a cheeky weekend away booked for Katy’s wedding – happy days!!!

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