Page 6/365 : Geocaches & Curry time

Today was the day I decided to put one of my Christmas presents into action and put my own Geocaches in place. For those of you that don’t know, Geocaching is a fun treasure-hunt type game where containers are hidden around the world and using a GPS device, you can go out, track them down and log them online. It’s good fun and it gets you out of the house.

After camouflaging two Tupperware boxes, and putting all kinds of trinkets inside, along with Woollin Mammoth, our new Trackable item, we set off out with Derek to Middleton Park to place our Geocaches. The first one we placed in a sneaky little spot which would be a nice find. The second we hid in amongst some trees.The third, a small magnetic container, we took to the entrance to the park and positioned in an easy-to-find-if-you-were-looking-for-it place.


After coming home and logging them online, we received a couple of emails back…the first was confirming that the small box was OK’d and was now fully active…woohoo! The second email however was a problem…we hadn’t obtained permission from the Land Owner to place this Cache and as such, they would not be activated until it was OK’d with the Land Owner. I have now emailed the National Trust, hoping they would know…how am I meant to know who the land owner is???

Tomorrow is my Mum’s birthday but tonight we decided to head to Jeera’s Indian Restaurant in Morley for a meal. I had the Mixed Kebab to start with and the Naga Surprise as a main. It was lovely! Lawlor had introduced me to the joys of Naga when we were in Wales over Christmas and it was well worth it.

The car-saga continues! After being fobbed off yesterday with regards to repair, I contacted the other guy from the garage today and he told me that they wouldn’t be able to sort anything with it this week so I would have to take it back there next weekend…we’re very close to putting a rejection in…but if they are continuing to fix, then we’re going to continue to take it back to see what happens!

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4 Responses to Page 6/365 : Geocaches & Curry time

  1. Elle Davies soon to be Woollin says:

    In other news we managed to finish series 7 of 24, have our first salad of the year and do some wedding sweetie buffet research.

    Very little progress being made on the New York jigsaw – Woollin must try harder!!!


  2. thomasjpitts says:

    Such a shame that two have been denied publishing. If you want to get in touch about where they are and help working out who owns them, let me know and I’ll see what I can work out.

    • Cheers Thomas. They’re in Middleton Park so not sure who I need I speak to. Haha

      • Thomas Pitts says:

        I reckon it’ll be Leeds City Council to be honest. I sent them an email for our cache and got a confused response back. They have let caches be in other areas and actually promote caching in and around Otley Chevin on their website for instance, so I think you’ll be ok! Best ring them though.

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