Page 4/365 : No Hobbit

Fairly uneventful day.

Work just seemed to plod along.

Had a delivery from Find Me A Gift today. We’d ordered waterproof cases and headphones for the iPod so we can go swimming with the music on and not get that Swim-boredom that always seems to kick in…now I can swim with the entire Rocky 4 soundtrack playing in my ears…Inspirational!

Oh, and wearing one clearly makes you look hot in a bikini…although that arm strap is a bit tighter around my Chubby-arm…!


I was meant to be going to see The Hobbit tonight, but a combination of being a bit tired, with not being arsed, with just thinking it would be easier to stay in and play on the Xbox led me to do just that. I have recently bought LA Noire so been playing that. It’s quite a good game, although it is very linear, but I like it.

Watched a couple more 24…Jack Bauer is now infected with a deadly virus…all in a day’s work really!

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1 Response to Page 4/365 : No Hobbit

  1. Elle Davies soon to be Woollin says:

    No jigsaw progress today
    Hen do plans coming along nicely
    Plenty of goodies arrived in the post
    BIG day tomoz – meeting with Venue and paying off honeymoon
    Might have a virtual stroll down the strip before bed 🙂

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