Page 2/365 : Back to Quacks, Work & Diet

Back to work…oh the joys of the 7am alarm ringing out. Even worse is when last night’s sleep was broken up on many occasions. Just a bad night of sleep all around, my inflamed chest pain thing was playing up too so I decided the best option was to get booked in at the quacks for another check up.

The doctor told me it was likely just the inflamed tissue again and nothing to worry about but would book me in for some tests just to be sure…certainly getting my moneys-worth out of the NHS these last two years!

Car was playing up again today. It’s becoming a joke now. Couldn’t get in touch with anyone at the garage…again…so the saga continues. For those who don’t know, basically I got the car less than 3 months ago, ad ever since the first night it has been nothing but problematic. It’s all linked to the Spark Plugs and the Coil Pack. It’s been back into the garage about 8 times in as many weeks. Just want it sorting now.

Decided that my new weight loss really needs swimming to back it up. So as we as eating more healthy and really sticking to the Slimming World plan I will be getting to the John Charles Sports Centre and Rothwell as much as possible to help things along. Wanna aim to have swam 100 mile by the end of the year…the mission is ON!

Saw this nice bit of mis-pricing in Morrisons earlier too…same DVD, different prices :


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1 Response to Page 2/365 : Back to Quacks, Work & Diet

  1. Elle Davies soon to be Woollin says:

    Wowzer all in all an exciting day – you missed out the £93 shopping bill and the progress you made on your New York jigsaw 😉

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