The 2lb compromise!

Weigh in day again today….and following the 6lb first week effort I was entirely optimistic that everything was set for another great week…until the week’s plans began to unfold…

Friday night we had a party to go to but as I was driving, I spent the night on the Diet Coke, but the buffet tempted me. I had been full of good intentions by having a Weight Watchers meal just before leaving the house…but I just wasn’t full and it wasn’t long before I had tucked into a few samosas and bhajis. I knew I was on a slippery slope.

Saturday…the David Hayes vs Vladimir Klitschco fight…and a trip to my friend’s in Wales. The weather was good a n a full day on the beers was to be expected. Inspiration was needed…and the discovery of Premium French lager at the Co-operative was just the ticket…and 18 bottles for £9.50 = Perfection. We also picked up low ProPoint Burgers and Sausages…preparation was th key! What wasn’t the key was getting rather drunk and eating skin-on chicken, kebabs and anything else that was griddled out on the BBQ in the afternoon.

With regrets on Sunday, I set my sights low. I just wanted a loss this week. Everything before and after the weekend was pointed to perfection and I knew I needed to nail the rest of the week!

Class tonight and on the scales I picked up a 2lb loss. Fantastic for the week I have had…but in all honesty I have let myself down and next week I need to pick up the game somewhat and get back on track!

Starting Weight : 23st 13lb
Current Weight (Week 2) : 23st 5lb
Total Loss : 8lb

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1 Response to The 2lb compromise!

  1. Graham Hepworth says:

    Keep up the good work pal, lets hope it was a (albeit scarey) blessing in disguise.

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