Slim time…

A lot of things define moments in life…and I have to say that the scariness of having a mini-stroke at 29 years old and having to go through the trauma of an MRI scan to see if I am well is definitely one of those moments where you have to take one big step back and think about what changes need to be made. The major one is an obvious one…being a fat bastard is NOT helping!

Almost two years ago I had weighed 23st 12lb when I decided that enough and had joined Slimming World. All had been going great…in fact more than great…I lost just over 4st and met the love of my life in class…but it has all been downhill since (in terms of weight…not relationship…). Comfort is a bastard. It’s easy to say “oh we’ll just have this” and before you know it, you are ballooning back to where you were and ending up in A&E at Leeds General Infirmary hooked up to a heart monitor and being told you have to neck an aspirin every day.

Something needed to change and as I was now living a bit further away from the Slimming World class than was easy, the closest option was Weight Watchers. I had heard mixed things but decided to give it a whirl.

Last Wednesday we went to the class for the very first time. The regular leader was not there but it didn’t matter as we signed up and I was told I was allowed 70 points…A DAY…which is what you get when you are 29 years old, 6’1 and a fat 23st 13lb…yes…that’s one pound heavier than two years previous….NOT GOOD!

After the class it was time to go shopping and get to grips with the new ProPoins system. So, armed with ProPoint Calculator and the shopping book, Morrisons was about to be hit hard…but getting used to a new system is a funny thing to grasp…especially when you are stood in front of the Jams and Marmalades contemplating grams, points, protein, fat, carbs and fibre. Some of the jams weren’t in the book, some were…but the good ones in the book weren’t on the shelves…nightmare…we must have literally stood in front of Strawberry jam for AT LEAST 20 minutes.

With closing time fast approaching and plenty of pondering to do over yoghurts, we were pointed in the direction of Morrison’s Eat Smart range that all had points on the back of them…bonus!

After stocking up on everything and ploughing nearly £100 in the supermarket for food that could feed eight families, including about 9 boxes of cereal, the plan was about to begin.

Home : surrounded by books, the planning began. On a day to day basis, planning the next day’s points is definitely the best way to go about things. We planned the cereal for the breakfast, sandwiches for lunch as well as snacks to accompany, and planned the evening meal and everything else around it. Everything began to fall together. My 70 points stretched a long way, and I was planning on eating a hell of a lot more each day than I would normally…but now at least I was eating properly.

Restricting yourself isn’t necessary of WW as you are still able to eat and drink whatever you want. Friday night we went to see Bon Jovi and I had two pints and 8 glasses of rose wine. Sunday we had a BBQ at my sisters but I was good and pointed absolutely everything up!

So what was the result? Well it was the first weigh-in following the first week on the plan and on the scales I had lost 6lb which I was over the moon with…Elle lost 8lb which was amazing. What a result to kickstart the plan!

So where to go from here? The plan is working a treat, week 2 is beginning and next week I hope to have a similar…or even better loss…


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