Batman Live!


Batman Live is the stunning new spectacular live action show set in the fictional Gotham City starring the Caped Crusader.

I was lucky enough, through Show Film First, to get freebie tickets for what we were told would be a dressed rehearsal performance of the show not due to open on it’s World Tour until this coming Tuesday.

After buying my own Batman mask at the arena…I was ready to descent on Gotham.


Entering the arena, you are instantly visually stunned by the huge bat-shaped video screen displaying a skyline of Gotham, towering above a set which runs almost the entire length of the arena, dotted with skyscrapers and road maps. This was set to be something out of this world.


We were told by the directors of the show that being a dress rehearsal could mean that there might end up being stoppages to the show but as we hadn’t actually paid for the tickets, it wasn’t something we were overly worried about.

The show explores the reason behind Bruce Wayne becoming Batman in a swift move and quickly moves to the Big Top, leading to the introduction of Dick Grayson as a main character. What follows is a variety of stunning acrobatic acts, magic tricks and special effects that are truly mesmerising.

The bad guys are all there…The Riddler, The Penguin, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Two-Face! Scarecrow, Poison Ivy…and the real star of the show…The Joker, who entertains with his unique brand of humour and illusion.

The show does have one big letdown though…and it has to be the fight scenes which just seem too fake and unrealistic. Obviously you have to forgive the fact that it is a live stage show and safety is a must, and if you can, then it’s not too big a downside.

From spectacular entrances, to pyro-fuelled exits, Batman Live delivers a two-hour thrill ride that will keep fans and newbies entertained…and hopefully if you go see, Batman won’t pull a muscle and call for the show to stop in the climactic fight scene…but the show did go on and the Caped Crusader battled on!

Very entertaining!

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