Scary times…

There are moments in life where you have scares. I ain’t talking about movie scares, or the time of heebie-jeebies you get when you are home alone, no, these are proper scares where there’s that instant when you think your number is well and truly up.

That happened to me last Wednesday on the way home from work. It had been any normal day, sat at work, doing nothing too strenuous as usual. It was on the way home that things started to get a little crazy. It began when my left leg felt a little heavy. All of a sudden I had no feeling in it. I was able to lift the leg and put it onto the clutch as needed, but it didn’t feel like my appendage. Then I noticed my left arm beginning to go. It was falling away to the left side. Next up, the left of my face felt like I had spent the day in the dentist…no feeling. I stared to worry and the first thing I thought was that I had suffered a stroke. A quick check in the mirror showed me that nothing had slipped out of place yet and through talking to myself, I was able to adhere to the F.A.S.T. adverts on the telly and make sure everything else was ok.

At this point I was still driving!

I made it to my girlfriend’s workplace and she said I looked as white as a ghost. I said I was ok to get home and made it back to Beeston in one piece…but I had now lost all feeling in my left side. We phoned NHS direct and they put me in touch with emergency dispatch…all this whilst Elle was running around at home cleaning up after Derek had eaten some chicken bones and had thrown up everywhere in the house…jus what we needed.

The ambulance came and I got hooked up to the monitors in the back. My blood pressure was high…but part of that was probably from the fact it was my first time in an ambulance.

After a good twenty minutes on the ambulance, they decided to take me to the LGI so off I went to sit in A & E. Eventually got seen and was told I could’ve had a possible mini-stroke. Great.

After getting all the usual warnings about health, and having blood taken (which took about ten minutes) I was set to sit back in the waiting room. It was half ten before I saw another doctor. In this time we had seen drunks, hit n run patients (who had passed out on Elle) and all manner of other people with football injuries to neck injuries! It wasn’t the most pleasant place to be.

After being seen by two of the fittest nurses I have ever seen, I was whisked away to a ward for observation until 1am when I was let go.

I now have an appointment on Thursday to see the Neurologist to see what’s wrong with me…fingers crossed it was a one-off occurrence and won’t happen again.

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1 Response to Scary times…

  1. Michael Nicholson says:

    Hope this doesn’t happen again old lad and was just a one-off. You’re a sound bloke that nobody could say a bad word about you so ALL your friends and family would never want anything bad to happen to you.
    Good luck for the Neuroligist appointment mate and keep us informed.

    Love ya buddy


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