As the song goes…”If I had. Hammer, I’d hammer in the morning, i’d hammer in the evening, all over this land!”

Thor has a hammer and he knows how to use it!

The latest big-screen Marvel adaptation hit cinemas across the land this week and I had to see. Ever since spotting “Mjolnir” in the desert in Iron Man 2, Thor was definitely on my must-see list. Then came the memory of the rumour that WWE’s Triple H was originally slated to play the hero…things could have been sketchy…but up stepped Chris Hemsworth, a relatively unknown Australian actor, and all was good again.

Chuck in Kenneth Branagh in the directorial role and the always-perfect Anthony Hopkins as the pivotal Odin and everything was almost ready…then 3D pushed this movie into the stratosphere.

The 3D effects are the second best I have ever seen, beaten only by last year’s Resident Evil film, and the effects really do ramp Thor up to heady heights.

The downfall of the film however is a rather weak storyline. It’s the age-old story of two brothers, one father, a throne and a banishment. It’s been done tonnes of times and sometimes can feel a little “seen it all before” but at the same time it works really great.

Expect massive effects, rippling muscles and a few comic-book in-jokes and you won’t go far wrong.


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