Wrestlemania Week Begins

Well here it is. After months and months of getting super giddy about going to Atlanta, Georgia for my Third Wrestlemania, it all finally arrives in a blaze of glory.

Following a tear-filled goodbye at home with Elle, who I will think about every day whilst I am away, it was onto the train in Leeds to head to that there London. Ah the joy of a 2 & 1/2 train trip when sat behind a bunch of annoying Doncaster people who decided that they would loudly exclaim each and every station we passed through, as well as blabbing on about trip to “Skeggy” and Blackpool and telling all about hen they hilariously lost a trainer in the Blackpool hotel……….longest 150 minutes of my life!!!

London loomed tall and it was the tube from Kings Cross all the way to Heathrow T5 and then the Hoppa bus onto the Travelodge. Spent some time chilling before meeting up with Lawlor & Euan for tea in the hotel and a few beers before bed.

Bright and early up for a double breakfast (good ol’ buffets!) and it was soon time to get back on the Hoppa to Heathrow T5.

Euan had already checked us all into the flight so we literally just did a bag drop in the terminal and started the praying that the bags would actually make it to Atlanta with us.

Wasting a bit of time in the airport we grabbed some lunch at Wetherspoons before bumping into Claire Hiskett who is a ‘Mania friend of Lawlors, then we hit the plane after a looooooooong coach drive from the Terminal to the flight.

We were sat near the back but i dont mind where I’m sat as long as I am on there.

The flight was good…a bit bumpy in places but we got playing on Lawlor’s iPad 2 loads and I got to really liking it and am getting quite tempted to buying one…!

We landed and spent the next 2 hours clearing security, getting our bags, leaving our bags, clearing security, taking a train, picking up our bags, clearing security….

Got the taxi to the hotel and loved it when we got there. We paid over our money in cash and went to check out the room…cue three fully grown men trying to work one shower…..! I got it going in the end.

Went out to Hard Rock Cafe for a meal. Met “Icon”…a guy who had designed this massive poster with all he wrestlers past and present on it. We then went and sat down and realised that sat across from us was Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, Ted DiBiase, Drew McIntyre all having a meal and they were soon joined by Primo and Christian.

The meal was amazing. Lawlor had one hell of a steak! I had a massive burger.

Outside we saw Kofi Kingston, the Hart Foundation and even Dolph Ziggler and one of the Bella Twins…Dolph decided it would be a good ida to chase a pigeon down the street! The pigeon won!

Back to the hotel for the night and we hit the sack all set for the fun to begin tomorrow!

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