A Star Is Born – Film #83

A Star, or a dying ember of light?


Title – A Star Is Born
Certificate – 15
Director – Bradley Cooper
Writers – Eric RothBradley Cooper & Will Fetters (Screenplay)
Cast Lady Gaga (Ally), Bradley Cooper (Jackson Maine), Sam Elliott (Bobby)
Plot – A musician helps a young singer and actress find fame, even as age and alcoholism send his own career into a downward spiral.


Go see this in the cinema as soon as you are able to.

Thanks to Cineworld and their Unlimited Preview Screenings, tonight we saw A Star Is Born…and I am so happy we got this opportunity.

I feel like I have just been through an emotional rollercoaster of music and story. It feels like we’ve just been at a Lady Gaga concert, with Bradley Cooper supporting, and an amazing story being told throughout.

The whole film is well directed and acted. It feels raw. Lady Gaga is stripped back from the wild Gaga we’re used to seeing. This genuinely feels more like her telling her own story. You can’t help feeling when she is talking about how no-one takes her seriously in the music business because of her looks, that we’re getting an insight into her early career.

Plus…she can bloody act! She was phenomenal…and that voice…just WOW!

Oh yeah…and Bradley Cooper can sing amazingly too!

Just go see this film…its truly amazing


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