Ocean’s 8 – Film #49

Ocean’s Great, or Ocean’s Not Worth The Wait?


What a great ensemble cast.

What a great chance to use this film as an empowering message for women the world over.

What a poor excuse for a film!

Ocean’s 8 misses on so many levels.

You have the potential for a great film. 8 great actors and a film franchise that is, if nothing else, fun. Something that this film completely forgot to include at any stage of the creative process.

In a very weak link to the originals, Sandra Bullock is Danny Ocean’s brother, and here endeth the links to the original. Where Ocean’s 11 was funny and an enjoyable romp, filled with a decent story and loads of twists and turns, here we have a very weak storyline which does nothing for women whatsoever. Why have the entire basis of the film revolve around 8 women trying to steal some jewellery…way to go with the empowerment there, having women swooning over shiny things!

There is literally zero laughs throughout…and I mean zero. It’s actually painful. Halfway through I found myself asking “am I watching a drama here?” and being thoroughly confused about what they set out to do with this film.

In true Ocean’s style, there’s a twist towards the end, one that happens and you just kinda shrug and say “is that it?”. You have characters who have not even been mentioned throughout the film just pop up and make a play as though as the audience we should have known who they were all along.

Bullock and Blanchett do their best, and act like they are genuinely making a half decent film, but “half decent” would have been an absolute godsend to the tripe we get served.

Don’t waste your time


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