Incredibles 2 – Film #48

Incredible, or a load of bull?


Every now and then, Cineworld offer their Unlimited Card holders a chance to see a film before it’s official release day through their “Unlimited” screenings, where only members can go see the film…but a few times a year, they pop in a film that they keep secret until the moment that the lights go down and the title card appears. This was one of those films.

As always, I was running through the list of possibles. Was it going to be Adrift? Maybe Skyscraper? Maybe even the new comedy Tag…

…then the lights went down and Incredibles 2 started.

There were actual cheers of delight when people realised what was about to be shown.

It’s been 14 years since the first Incredibles film, a time when Pixar were firing out hit after hit after hit. They had smashed it with the first two Toy Story films, A Bug’s Life, Monsters Inc, and Finding Nemo, and when Incredibles came out, I was genuinely excited.

But unfortunately I am not a massive fan of the first film. It’s decent enough, but for me, it just wasn’t Toy Story or Nemo, and despite having a love for superheroes, I never really got into the original Incredible film.

So fast forward 14 years and here we have the long-awaited sequel. It wasn’t a film I was overly bothered about until I had seen the trailer. Once the trailer was out in the public, I genuinely got excited. It looked funny, it was taking a slight new direction in that more of the focus was going onto Elastigirl, and who doesn’t enjoy the fact that we will finally get to see Jack-Jack using his powers.

So as the film started…I was ready for a ride.

And what a ride it was!

This film is absolutely fantastic.

They nailed every element of it. Mr Incredible struggling to look after three kids who are a handful, Elastigirl being thrust into the limelight by a tycoon who is wanting to make superheroes accepted, Violet, struggling with boys, Dash struggling with Math(s), and Jack-Jack struggling to control his new found powers which come to a head in an absolutely hilarious scene featuring him in a battle with a raccoon.

The story is done extremely well, which is a relief. I think, as writers, they had to think about the people who enjoyed the film in 2004 and how they were now 14 years older, so they have to tailor the comedy and story to that fact, and they do it so well.

The visuals are stunning. We saw it in 2D, but I will definitely be going back to watch it in 3D as it was clear some of that will be brilliant.

There’s a great bad guy character too (although those with photosensitive epilepsy may want to stay away), who really challenges the heroes.

I recently heard an interview from 2005 with Brad Bird, the writer and director of both films. Back then, when interviewed by Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo, he had said that he didn’t want to do an Incredibles 2 because he didn’t want to ruin it.

What he has done is made a film which is BETTER than the original, and really built on it’s decent foundations to make something special, funny and full of family-related heart throughout.

Well worth getting excited about


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