Ready Player One

#100MoviesChallenge2018 – Film #24


A year ago, a work colleague suggested a book to me that he had been reading, saying I would love it. As a fan of gaming and movies, he said he know that I would be a big fan of the book. And I was. Ernest Cline’s pop culture reference compendium is a phenomenal read, touching on many historical moments from my childhood and being a real nostagia trip.

Around the time of reading it, the movie was announced. This spurred me on even more. As news began to break that Spielberg was attached, a director whose work was referenced in the book so much, it was clear that this was going to be a movie I was fully looking forward to experiencing.

I call it “experiencing” based on the fact that it is exactly how you go into a film like Ready Player One. You engulf yourself in the world, much like the characters do when they step into the Oasis themselves.

Quick plot overview…in the future, literally everyone plays in The Oasis, an online world where you can be whatever and whoever you want to be. You can do things you cannot do in the normal world and everyone plays. Its not a fad, it’s basically a second life that everyone leads. When the creator of the Oasis, James Halliday, dies, and announces that he has hidden an easter egg in the game and the first person to find it inherits his wealth and control of the Oasis, there’s a mad scramble to find it. But no-one has….for years. The leaderboard has remained blank. Then comes Wade Watts, a guy who lives in the Stacks (basically a trailer park) who has dedicated his life to finding the first key. Naturally he does and the adventure begins.

The film is a sensory and nostalgia overload. It’s epic and it’s not ashamed to drop references to literally anything and everything. So much money must’ve been ploughed into the cost of buying licenses for showing things in the film.

The CG within the Oasis is quite literally the best CG that has ever been produced. Spielberg has really gone to town and created an amazing world.

There’s camoes galore. You will literally sit there pointing out everything you spot and know. “Oh look, it’s King Kong…Hello Kitty….Sonic….THE DELOREAN!”

The adventure is fun and engaging. It’s not the most amazing script in the world, but the film is truly phenomenal. There has been a lot of changes from the book, mainly how the keys are obtained, but they needed to upgrade some of the things to make them more exciting in a movie, and for that I completely forgive the filmmakers.

Go see it in the Cinema….it’s the only way to fully appreciate this film…IMAX if possible

Rating 10/10

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