Faith in humans restored

So a few weeks ago, Althea was spotting a Finding Dory poster daily near our house. It was one of the Sky TV posters advertising movies.

One day, the poster disappeared. It was replaced with a generic Sky One poster. Cue a very upset 2 year old kicking and screaming and crying that “Dory’s gone!”.

So I emailed Sky TV’s marketing department and very cheekily asked whether they would have a copy of the poster in a regular size that I could possibly have.

Firstly I didn’t expect a reply, but then a lovely reply from a lady called Jenna came into my inbox. 

She wanted our address so she could send something.

Today the parcel turned up! It was packaged in a Paper box…so was quite large. When we opened it we couldn’t believe what she had sent.

Two large cuddly toys (priced at £19 apiece), a smaller cuddly toy, and a Hank that swims in water.

Such a lovely gesture. Althea was absolutely made up. It’s her 3rd birthday tomorrow and this was a lovely early present for her.

Thank you Sky TV

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