2016.2.18 – Afflicted

So last night I wore my sleep monitor. Around 3am I half woke up and for some reason, thinking it was morning, managed to undo all the straps, remove the nose piece, take off the wristband and everything and go back to sleep. I woke up about ten minutes later properly and went and refitted it all. How odd!

Anyway, went to the Hospital and saw a specialist who analysed the monitor results. Normal people tend to stop breathing around 5 times an hour whilst sleeping…….I was doing it 52 times and hour! So it was bad but not severe. 

Still, the affliction is Sleep Apnea and as such I will have to wear a mask to bed. Naturally I was told that losing weight is THE main issue with sleep apnea so I am even more determined than ever that I need to lose! I’ve even made my tuna pasta for tomorrow at work when I know they are all ordering Pizza into the office!!!

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