2016.1.2 : Ups n Downs

Leeds United. The love of my sporting life. Being a Leeds fan is a little like being married to a bi-polar grizzly bear. One minute it can be all warm and cozy and in a good place, the next it can be clawing away at you until you’re left helpless. 

I think the Bipolar grizzly needs to up it’s medication because the bad times are coming too often. 

We all know the history of Leeds…we used to be good,  then we were alright then we got good again then it all went dramatically wrong and we’ve been floundering ever since. 

So today saw the visit of MK Dons to Elland Road…a team we should be beating…if only all the players realised how to play football. They all looked like they had enjoyed a manic New Years Eve and not yet recovered from it. 

Lethargic, sloppy passing and the creating of next to zero chances when it needed were the sum of everything that went wrong today. We went 1-0 down and the heads dropped even more. 

It wasn’t until a very late own goal that we got back into the game. We should have pushed on from there though and gone for the win…but it just didn’t happen and as usual we looked more likely to throw it away than to score. 

Thoroughly disappointing and demoralising….even though we’ve now gone 7 games unbeaten, it’s not exactly Playoff form is it?

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