2016.1.1 – Welcome

Hello and welcome to 2016…it’s great to have you here…I’ve been here approximately 23 hours now…and it’s alright actually.

So a new year and a new me…and all that bullshit that gets wrapped up.

Bottom line…I’m going to enjoy 2016 the best I can…and if that involves shifting some weight to feel better…then so be it…if it means having to make some resolutions…it’s happening. Going to kick things off with a No chocolate/sweets/crisps/fizzy pop January…lets see how things go with that…

But back to today…what’s happened?

Up and about early. Spent a good session with Althea whilst Elle went out shopping. We ended up spending about an hour of it playing with musical instruments and generally just making a hell of a lot of noise…and why not?

Actually went all “teenage girl” today too and we watched every Twilight film back to back…yeah…every single one….and we didn’t see Kristen Stewart smile once!

Speaking of films…Fortnight Film is back up and running! It’s mainly being run over on Facebook and can be found by clicking here or you can alternatively Click here to check out the official website…although I need to get it updated as soon as we get the new batch of films up and running. We’re also on Twitter on @FortnightFilm – be sure to check us out and tell all your friends.

Looking forward to the Leeds game tomorrow when MK Dons visit Elland Road. Hopefully a win will keep our unbeaten record intact…we shall see!

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