2016.1.25 – The Royal Rumble loses it’s crown

The below post contains spoilers for the Royal Rumble 2016…if you ain’t seen yet, don’t read on. 

I’ve always been a fan of the Royal Rumble since I was a kid. One of the guys who lived on our street would videotape the then-WWF and bring me the tapes to watch the day after it had been on Sky TV. 

I remember watching the 1992 Rumble, Ric Flair with his bloodied hair winning the title, something that had not been on the line in this match since…until this weekend. 

Roman Reigns walked into the Rumble with the title knowing he was going in at #1 and would have to work the entire match…and there the scriptwriting ended. 

The Rumble saw the appearance of AJ Styles, coming in at number 3 and giving him a good wedge of time to lap up the WWE atmosphere…but there the surprises ended…

What happened over the next 60-odd minutes was a very wrestling-by-numbers match. Groups came in together, there were a couple of run ins, the League Of Nations took out Roman Reigns early doors allowing him to do the big comeback later on just after the 29th man came out…and then, oh, here comes Triple H to screw over Roman Reigns, win the rumble and win the title. 

For me, the Rumble lacked anything new and edgy. It lacked big pop moments where someone returned from injury early, or someone screwed someone over right at the very end by appearing and setting up a Mania match with someone who didn’t win. 

We did get the whole Brock/Bray thing rolling…but I don’t know if I can get excited over HHH potentially holding the title all the way to Wrestlemania, just to give himself another big Mania match. 

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