2016.1.22 – So close

In work on a Friday we have a Friday huddle. Everyone gets together and celebrates successes etc. As a part of that huddle we play a game this will usually be Bingo or a game of Deal Or No Deal.

Now with both, people chuck a quid into the pot. We take out 10% for charity and 10% for the office fund, then the rest goes to prize money. 

This week we played Deal Or No Deal for a jackpot of £90. Once of the girls in the office gets picked to play and starts chipping away at eliminating amounts of money. 

Last two boxes leave the 1p and the 25% box (£22.50).  

Now, we’ve played this game on 19 occasions and no-one has yet picked the 1p box as their own…and neither did this one – dammit!

I want someone to win the 1p, not for the sake of the actual player losing, but just because it would be funny to get a complete pot rollover. You see with someone taking £22.50 out, that means that next time the jackpot is gonna be about £90 again. But if the 1p had gone we would have been talking about a possible £130 pot next time!

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