Film Review : Mission Impossible Rogue Nation


Going to the cinema to see the 5th film in a series of which you have only seen the first two may seem a bit odd…but that’s exactly what happened tonight. 

After winning tickets through Radio Yorkshire I went, along with my work colleague Mark, to see the brand new Mission Impossible film at the brand new IMAX at Vue Cinema on Kirkstall Road in Leeds. I’ve only been to an IMAX twice before and either sat too close to the screen, or too far to one side for it to be worth it. 

But the Vue have got all the proportions and everything absolutely spot on. 

We were treated first of all to three trailers of films which will be coming out in IMAX 3D…Everest, Wire and the new Star Wars film. They all looked phenomenal in 3D!

So onto the film. Now I loved the first MI film, but I had to turn the second one off and then never got into watching 3 & Ghost Protocol…but now I wanna go back and see them all the way through!

The good thing is that Rogue Nation stands alone. I never felt like I was missing anything from any previous film, so everything fit into place. 

Once again we are thrust into the action right from the very first scene where Tom Cruise hangs off the side of a plane which is hurtling down a runway before lifting into the sky…Cruise really did those stunts you know!

It sets the pace for high action chase scenes, tense moments and plenty of giggles along the way, mainly brought to us by Simon Pegg. 

It’s a thoroughly enjoyable actioner which really benefits from cinema viewing…so get down to your multiplex!

The film has everything you would expect from a MI film…gadgets, twists and a hot female lead 😜. 

Well worth seeing

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