040/2014 : Frozen Bronze Goddess

Managed to catch some of the Winter Olympics today (I can forgive the opening ceremony….just).

I caught the snowboarding. 

Snowboarding is a brand new sport to the winter Olympics. It’s a sport that’s been around for a while but was finally accepted into the Olympics this time around. 

And now a tiny little bit of history…Britain has NEVER won a single medal on the snow…in anything….ever! In fact, I could probably name only one British person to have ever competed on the snow….Eddie The Eagle…but today, Jenny Jones became a name that will forever be known with the winter Olympics. 

She managed to pull in a Bronze Medal with a cracking 87.25 2nd run…just 0.25 in front of fourth place…but enough for the podium. 


She had been in first place at one point…and the commentary teams were getting extremely excited, but was pegged back by another couple of excellent runs. 

It did come down to waiting for the last few to fail though…and even though it was in the name of bad sportsmanship, we were cheering, along with a lot of others (including the commentary team) when the last remaining competitors fell one by one.

It was a good day for British sport. It takes me back to 2012 and the Summer Olympics and the moments when we had never been as proud to be British as we were when all the medals were being won by our athletes.


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