039/2014 : Windy Football

Early kickoff this morning for Yeovil vs Leeds on Sky. (Not as early as it was for those who actually went to the game though obviously). It was always going to be a windy day, but in the first half, when Paddy Kenny was struggling to get the ball out of his own penalty area, it was clear that we were going to spend the entire first half under pressure…and we were. We went 1-0 down after 32 mins after a corner was sent in and met by the head of a Yeovil player.

Byram gave a penalty away near the end of the first half but the penalty went straight over the bar fortunately.

In he second half we pushed and used the wind. Almost straight after kickoff, the Yeovil keeper’s clearance fell to McCormack after being caught up in the wind. He moved into a better position then smashed one into the top corner. Beautiful!

Our second goal, and the match winner came from an unlikely source. We got a free kick miles down the pitch, still inside Yeovil’s half. Warnock took it. He lifted a ball high into the box…the wind caught it and lifted it over the keeper and into the back of the net.

Two wins out of two now…maybe it’s all going right for once…

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