031/2014 : Transfer Deadline Day

Usually, Transfer Deadline Day goes one of two way for us Leeds United fans. Either :
a) We have zero action or;
b) we are being chased and we panic that our top striker is going to leave.

Well tonight something insane took place…we were all over Sky Sports News…but for all the wrong reasons.

At around 6pm everything was plain sailing…McCormack came out and said he was fully behind McDermott after a £4m bid was rejected and all was well…and then it began to fall apart.

A little bit of recent background…GFH Capital our current owners were planning in selling to a fairly local consortium called Sports Capital. All that was going well until yesterday when an Italian group apparently made a move for us. Now this would all be well and good, but the Italian group was headed up by Caligari owner Cellino…who has been done previously on fraud! There was also a big threat from the Sport Capital owner who said he would proceed with legal dealings towards GFH and the Italians IF it went ahead.

So, fast forward back to tonight. All of a sudden it is announced that Brian McDermott is sacked as our manager. Just a few minutes later, Ross McCormack puts himself in the window by speaking on Sky Sports about how disappointed he is with what has happened and that had he known it was going to happen he would have bailed out earlier today.

Cue complete and utter disarray.

Everyone was backing McDermott saying he shouldn’t have been sacked and then panicking at the prospect of our top scorer going elsewhere. The reports started coming in that six teams were in for McCormack.

So as everything started unfolding, some fans on Twitter had headed down to the ground. Cellino was there. So they all started chanting pro-McDermott chants. Cellino tries to leave the ground in a taxi, Leeds fans give chase…for about an hour. In the end the police turned up to escort Cellino away from the ground.

Meanwhile…McCormack tweets this :


And everyone breaths a massive sigh of relief.

What a day to be a Leeds fan. We moan about not being involved during Transfer Deadline Day, then we’re all over it!

Who knows what tomorrow will bring…Marching On Together!

Finished my first week off at work. Really enjoyed it and learned a tonne of stuff. Looking forward to my second week.

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