030/2014 : Fantasy Shortlist

Mark at work mentioned Final Fantasy just before we left work…so I just had to play a LOT of it tonight. Elle was watching Orange Is The New Black on Netflix so I managed to get around 5 hours play in tonight. It is certainly bringing back some amazing memories from when I first played the game back on the PS1! What a game that was. To this day it ranks up there within the top three games of all time that I have played…if not right in there at number one. The story is brilliant. The graphics are still majorly poor (although they were amazing for the time). I completely forgot I had downloaded the game until earlier this week. I downloaded it well over a year ago.


Got Shortlisted today. Can’t say what for yet though…the quest continues!

It looks like the fun and games at Leeds United continues. Now Sport Capital have stood down from bidding for Leeds. It looks like the Italians will be coming in which also means that a new manager will be coming in too. It’s all massively up in the air at the moment and no-one really knows what’s going down…but in typical Leeds United fashion, we’ll probably all just bend over and take it up the shitter when everything falls apart!


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