028/2014 : Progression

Forward progression and backward progression in equal measures today.

Firstly at work. Second day in the job and all went even better than yesterday. Plenty of progression in learning VB and also SQL. There’s a big learning curve but a lot seemed to fit into place today which was nice to see coming along.

Also, my first ASDA freebie as we got this little bad boy free in the cafe at work :


And now for the backward progression. Leeds United. Oh the joy that is being a Leeds fan continued. We played Ipswich and I wasn’t expecting too much anyway but it didn’t get any better.

A 1-1 draw was the result but it’s the off-pitch shenanigans which are hitting the headlines. GFH capital were meant to be selling to one company but now and Italian company has come in and trampled all over whatever deal was set to be out into motion. Now no-one knows what’s happening. The head of the original deal is hitting out at GFH and the Italian company in the press! It’s all a bit messy!

Just another day in the life of a Leeds United fan!

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