027/2014 : The Royal Jumble

Started my new job today. It was really good and interesting and I have a tonne of stuff to learn. It’s really interesting.

But now onto the Royal Rumble…

The rest of this post contains huge spoilers…


it’s the start of the Road To Wrestlemania and the first PPV of the year. Historically the Royal Rumble has provided huge shocks, twists and turns, sending someone either worthy or pushing someone who needs a helping hand to the top, sending them straight through to the coveted main event at Wrestlemania….but first there were some other matches.

The PPV kicked off with Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt and what a match it was. The crowd fully got behind Bryan throughout the match and the atmosphere in the arena was truly amazing. It went back and forth and was truly memorable. Daniel Bryan really knows how to work and whip up the fans into a frenzy. The “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Chant was ringing out through the whole arena for most of the match.

There were some extraordinary moves, such as Bryan diving through the ropes but being caught and hit with Wyatt’s finisher straight into the barrier.

In the end, Bray Wyatt hit his finisher again and won the match, much to the chagrin of the fans but it was an absolutely amazing match that I could watch time and time again…

…but from there it went downhill rapidly.

Next up was The Big Show vs Brock Lesner. Brock is constantly being billed as the biggest and strongest….Paul Heyman gives him the big words to back it up…yet he comes out to the match and before it starts takes ten minutes battering Big Show with a chair. To me it made him look weak. I was waiting for someone to call it an Equaliser, but it didn’t happen.

Brock won. Nobody cared.

Then the big title match. John Cena challenging Randy Orton. As the match started it became apparent that I didn’t care about the result. Furthermore, neither did the fans in the arena. Cue chants for Randy Savage, Daniel Bryan and even a “We want Divas” chant. It was clear that no-one cared what was going on. I haven’t seen as much dissent in fan appreciation since the Brock vs Goldberg match when Stone Cold was the referee and EVERY fan just chanted for Austin the whole way through.

Oh….Orton retained!

So now we come back to the Rumble. 30 men and absolutely anything could happen….unfortunately it didn’t.

As usual there was a few surprises. Two of them were just completely wasted. We had a return of Kevin Nash (which might last 24 hours when he probably gets pummelled by Brock Lesnar on Raw). Nash didn’t last too long though. Even JBL got in on the action…for all of twelve seconds. Two completely wasted big moments.

Sheamus returned. The fans went wild for about a minute then didn’t care.

As the numbers diminished and more and more superstars had had their chance…in came Batista. Joy! Batista came back on Raw last week…just 6 days ago. And here he was coming in right near the end. Batista, I will admit, I popped for on his return…just like I did the Raw after Mania 25….but as always happens with Batista, he comes back to a HUGE ovation…and a week later no-one cares what he does and he just becomes a fake-machine-gun-firing, rope-shaking nuisance.

Anyway…he got down to the last four…then Kane (who had been eliminated ages ago)…pulled Punk over the top rope. Then Sheamus was eliminated, leaving Batista and Roman Reigns.

Now I like Reigns. He’s up and coming and will be a future star. But he was never going to win this. The fans rallied behind him but all knew what was coming.

…and Big Dave threw Roman over the top rope to book his place at Wrestlemania…because yeah…everyone wants to see Orton vs Batista, or maybe Brock vs Batista as the main event (remember there is only one title now!). For me, the fans are not going to get into it at all unless something major happens. It’s the type of match which needs a high-profile special guest referee.

So the PPV was shocking apart from one match. NOT a good way to continue to promote the WWE Network in my opinion. Surely the WWE need to be pandering to the fans right now, not pissing them off.

A lot of people argue that they should have had Daniel Bryan return during the Rumble but I actually think it would have tarnished an excellent night for him if they weren’t planning on having him win anyway.

Mick Foley isn’t happy : https://m.facebook.com/RealMickFoley/posts/766587886704685

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