004/2014 : …Buy the Guitar!

🎶 I got my first real six string,
Bought it at the charity shop,
Played it till my fingers stung a little,
It was the winter of twenty fourteen!

So the Resolution to learn how to play the guitar is well and truly underway. I bought the book for beginners a couple of days ago and my hunt for my first guitar was on. I had even downloaded an iPhone tuning app.

I had scoured EBay and Gumtree. There had been quite a few leads. But it looked like I was going to have to be paying upwards of £25 for one…and let’s face it, I might hate it after ten minutes and it would be wasted money.

I had been given tonnes of advice about the type of strings I needed and how high the action needed to be (the distance from the string to the frets) but I’ll tell you the truth…I’m not looking to become a superstar overnight so I am pretty certain that a bog-standard learner guitar is going to do the trick.

And that’s when we heard that St Gemma’s Hospice in Morley had one. Emma one of our friends works there and apparently she’d sold one there yesterday for £35 but they had brought it back because of a “missing fret”. I said I would have it as it could possibly still work. I was told that just to get rid of it I could have it for a fiver.

So we went to pick it up this morning. The guitar was lovely. The only damage it has was one fret had the wood slightly raised from the arm but it was easily fixable. I paid my £5 and headed to Morley market for some SuperGlue (you can officially get anything in Morley Market).

When I got home I stuck a little bit of superglue on the bit that was coming away and it worked perfectly!

So now…to playing it…

Naturally I started with the book I had bought and I started off with just getting used to which string was which and the Tabular images were helping massively. And you know something…I soon picked it up.

It was only single string picking to start with, but I was soon playing “Mary Had A Little Lamb” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. It felt really good!


I put it down for a bit because Elle had finished with her batch cooking and we watched a few episodes of Sons Of Anarchy before I watched an online stream of the Leeds game where we were playing shocking and lost to Rochdale 2-0 in a shock result in the FA Cup third round.

After an amazing Chicken Rogan Josh that Elle cooked for tea, I started attempting Chords…and this is where most of my work in the coming weeks is going to be…getting my fingers in the right place just doesn’t seem natural but it will come with practice.

So my first day with my new guitar and I am loving it and I think it’s definitely something I could get into. I am definitely going to be sticking with it.

Won’t be long before I am performing…watch this space!

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