Page 285/365 : NLCS Game 2

Writing this late again….oops!

Another nightmare day for The Dodgers.

Despite me getting this delivered :


I thought that owning an official Jersey would help rally them to victory, but coming off the back of last night’s 13 innings loss, the Dodgers still couldn’t pick themselves up and push for a victory.

In a game of very few hits, Dodgers did manage to get a few men on bases but constantly struggled to get them home. The shadows on the pitch cause serious hitting problems, and also the Dodgers were without Hanley Ramirez after he got drilled in the ribs last night and was suffering.

Kershaw was on the mound, and after have a Cy Young contender season, he was pitching OK again.

Both teams struggled to get hits and it was scoreless until the bottom of the fifth when they managed to get a man around the bases. This turned out to be the only run of the entire game.

Dodgers stranded 6 men on bases throughout the game. Something which seems to be a continuing problem. Yasiel Puig, the rookie star has now gone 0-10 in these two losses. It’s something he certainly needs to pick up sometime soon as it’s not good enough and it tends to be his driving force which helps the Dodgers push for the win.

With no match on Sunday, and three to come at Dodger Stadium, these next four days are vitally important.

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