Page 284/365 : NLCS Game 1

Decided, in my infinite wisdom, to stay up to watch the Dodgers @ Cardinals game on Friday night. Greinke started on the mound for the Dodgers and in the early going it looked like it was only going to go LA’s way.

Kelly, the St Louis pitcher, started off a little shaky and the Dodgers looked to make him pay, but despite repeatedly putting men on bases, they just couldn’t bring anyone home.

It wasn’t until the 3rd innings when Ramirez & Gonzalez were on base that Uribe hit a nice hit that got them both in. But at the bottom of the third, Greinke slipped in the quality of his pitching and was punished with the tying two runs.

And then it was a battle of the pitching staff and no more runs were scored before the end of the ninth. Onto fee baseball!

I have to admit, around the 7th/8th I fell asleep…it was around 4:30am though. I woke back up and we were in the 11th and what seemed to be a little bit of a shocking at-the-plate decision went against the Dodgers which prevented them from getting the winning run.

On the game went until in the 13th innings, unlucky for some, bases loaded, up stepped Beltram for the Cardinals with a line drive to bring the winning run home.


Onto Game #2 tonight at a more reasonable time of 9pm! Whether I make it to midnight is a whole different story…!

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