Page 278/365 : Server Up = Late night GTA

It’s late.

I am starting to write this at 2:18am.

The servers came back online for GTA Online which meant only one thing. Lawlor, Crooksy and I were online shooting shit up, landing helicopters on top of Ferris wheels, jumping from building without parachutes and having extremely long, boring circular races all because Crooksy thought it “would be funny”.

It was good fun being online in a crew and having a laugh. It was annoying at times when we were attempting to get into the same sessions, but once we were there it was all good.

Don’t think I have taken my eyes off a TV screen today!

Started off by watching the last 6 episodes of Breaking Bad to finish the entire series off. What a ride! It was pretty slow to start with, and a show we weren’t convinced we were going to stick with, but everyone had told us to stick with it…and we were glad we did. It was fantastic. I won’t spoil anything here just in case you wanna watch.

We managed to get through an entire five seasons and 62 episodes in just three weeks. Pretty good going in my books!

Leeds played at Derby today. They lost 3-1 and apparently didn’t even look like they were in the game at any point. Something drastically needs to be changed. Maybe this international break will do the team good before coming back on the 20th October.

Caught up on a few TV programmes we had been abandoning to get through Breaking Bad.

Had the piss ripped outta me for my #RallyBatmanMask photo I tweeted whilst watching the Dodgers last night. I don’t see anything wrong with it…do you?


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